October 6, 2013


VAT was introduced in the state of Uttar Pradesh in the year 2008. Since then it has been continuously increasing the dealers base. In this blog we are going to discuss various procedures in UP VAT ACT for the dealers from their registration to tax payments, tax returns to their final assessment.



Every dealer who is undergoing trading activities in Uttar Pradesh has to get themselves registered under UP VAT ACT 2008. The detailed procedure are given below:

1. Take a printout of new registration form from the Commercial Tax Website
The form No. is Form VII

2. Fill out whole form and attach your
PAN Card copy
Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill/ Rent Agreement/ Property Paper for address proof. This have to be attached for your resident as well as business proof. (If both are same than 1 will do).

3. Attach your 6 months Bank Statement (Either Saving/Current)

4. Attach 4 photographs.

5. Attach constitution papers (Partnership Deed/MOA & AOA/ Society Registration Certificate/ Trust Deed etc.)

6. Get yourself introduced by a Dealer at least 3 years old with UPVAT.

7. Now a days department is asking for Security deposit of Rs. 25000 in the form of FDR or NSC pledged in the name of the Commissioner, Commercial Tax Department, Uttar Pradesh or a Surety bond signed by 2 dealers.

7. Take all theses documents together with their originals to the department and also take treasury challan of Rs. 100 which is the registration fees.

8. Registration authority will check all your documents with the originals and will verify your details.

9. After that you will be send for Biometric scan. (In case of load of work, a date for test will be given).

10. After doing all theses steps, TIN will be issued.

11. A survey would be conducted at your premises within 15 days.

All these steps are mandatory and it is important to follow the guidelines.

Akshay Jain
Chartered Accountant
Varanasi (U.P.)
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  1. Can you please mail me the answers for the following queries:

    1. What is the implication for late filing of VAT,CST return in Noida (UP)
    2. When is the filing of return online mandatory ?
    3. Is the monthly return mandatory for turnover >1 crore or any other amount ?
    4. Some are of the opinion that Hard copies are still accepted at the authority ? Please suggest if the same is advisable ?

    Request if you can send me a mail at or if u can help me with your no. , I shall call u and ask.

    Best Regards

    1. Hi,
      We have answered your query at:

      Hope this will help you.

  2. Is there any requirement to take another VAT registration in Within the state of UP. For example if we registered in Noida and we want to trade in Lucknow also then, should we required to take registration in Lucknow too.?? Kindly reply at

    1. Please get your answers from below mentioned link:

  3. sir, can't we fill the form online, i mean without downloading it off the internet?

    1. Hi Ankur,
      No such facility is provided by the Department at the moment. We will update if any such facility is provided in coming days.

  4. Hi sir ,
    I am Varsha
    Please can you answer this question
    John, an non resident, has made one time sale of goods in Lucknow which is more than VAT limit .Is he supposed to be registered under VAT law

  5. is there any option? that i can do the VAT registration without Security Deposit. Please let me know.. Thanks

    1. U can get a surety bond signed by two existing dealers who has vat registration for more than 3 years

  6. Informative article.Thank you.
    When is the filing of return online mandatory ?
    For people with more than 5 lakhs income, it is mandatory to e-file.


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