December 28, 2013


Many of the taxpayers are facing difficulty in getting Form 16/16A i.e. TDS certificates, from the deductor of TDS. It is an offence in Income Tax Act, 1961 and there are penalty if deductor did not give the certificate. But due to some uncontrollable circumstances and other time consuming forces deductee does not have time to complain the Income Tax Audthorities about the Defaulter deductor.

Keeping these things in mind and also for letting every assessee to know the correct status of their Tax deducted, Self Assessment tax  and Advance tax deposited against their own PAN, Income Tax Department has launched the facility to view Form 26AS. Every assessee should see the Form 26AS before filing the Income Tax return and before depositing their Self Assessment Tax.

 In this post we are going to discuss the steps to view Form 26AS in the income tax website.

Step 1:
Login into Income tax website:

Or if you do not have Login id register yourself.

Step 2:
From the  "QUICK LINK" column, which you can see on Left hand side of the window, Select "View Form 26AS (Tax Credit).

Step 3:

On the next screen click on "Confirm" tab. You will be redirected to TDS CPC website.

Step 4:
On next screen select "VIEW TAX CREDIT (FORM 26AS)".

Step 5:
You will be get the next screen which looks like this. Select your Assessment Year and then see your TDS, Self Assessment Tax, Advance Tax, AIR entries etc.

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  1. This has got changed...Traces requires registration and tax payer cannot register...


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