February 26, 2014




Hi Akshay,
I have setup a company in Aug last year. I just got certificate of incorporation till now. As financial year is approaching to end, I believe I need to complete few mandatory things. I have not started any business work till now. And all things are NIL. Could you suggest what I need to do and can I do those things myself or would need somebody help, How much would it cost me?


Thanks for asking query, get you answer below:

1. You will have to hold annual general meeting.

2. You will have to do some annual filing which is mandatory for all the companies, whether doing business or not. Below is the list of annual filing to be done by the company:

Due Date
Fees before Due Date**
Form 23AC to be filed by all Companies
30 Days of AGM
Rs. 200
Profit & Loss Account
Form 23ACA to be filed by all Companies
30 Days of AGM
Rs. 200
Annual Return
Form 20B to be filed by Companies having share capital
60 Days of AGM
Rs. 200
Annual Return
Form 21A to be filed by companies without share capital
60 Days of AGM
Rs. 200
*The documents given above are of minimum requirement and additional filing will depend on Company to Company  basis.
**fees can change as per MCA rules.

3. You will have to get your accounts audited by Chartered Accountant.

4. You can do above filing by yourself but forms has to verified by a Chartered Accountant.

5. Fees of MCA filing are given above, if taken help of a consultant fees would depend upon his experience and amount of work.

Hope this helps you, feel free to contact further.

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