October 15, 2013



16A - can i get this now - to file a refund -?

my father was a LIC agent. He had some commission from LIC in FY 2010-2011 that i just noticed from 26AS form and the TDS deducted was around 4000. Now we want to file a refund for this since his overall income was less than the limit...

My question is:
1. is it possible to request for a 16A from LIC now..or is there a website we could download it from.
2. do we need to get the 16A for for every quarter in FY 2010-2011 or is it just one 16A for the entire year is enough
3 do we need the 16A compulsorily to file the returns or can the returns could just be filed using the info in 26AS form and pan no.
4. Is it required to produce receipts for the below at the time of tax return filing..if they are not declared before hand
medical insurance premium, donations, interest on higher education.
please advise on how to file a refund now for this.
First of all let me tell you, you can file return only for 2 years at one time i.e. at present you can file return of just 2011-12 and 2012-13.  So for F.Y. 2010-2011 you cannot file any return. In respect of your other query.

1. You should ask LIC to give you Form 16A. The online facility is not for you but only for deductor i.e. LIC
2. You will get form 16A for all 4 quarters, if tax is deducted in all quarters
3. You can file return without form 16A and you will get refund if TDS is shown in form 26AS. But if your case is selected for assessment (which in this case is not likely) you will have to present form 16A.
4. You are not required to show this proof now but if Income Tax Department ask for this, you have to show at that time. Otherwise claim will be disallowed and you can also face penalty

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