October 14, 2013


From- CA Dipjyoti Majumdar
I have applied to local AO for correction of PAN quoted in self assessment tax challan. I had written my PAN correctly in challan but bank made mistake while uploading the details to OLTAS / NSDL. As a result I am sitting on demand raised by CPC Bangalore as they are unable to see it in my 26AS and have rejected onlone 154 application.
Do any of you have an idea if the tax paid will be reflected in 26AS or challan status inquiry once the AO corrects it, if at all.Around two weeks have passed by since the application was submitted.The payment related to AY 2011-12 and was banked on 15/11/2012.
What is the remedy in such cases.

Hi Dipjyoti,
You can go through my recent post related to Challan correction mechanism

In your case, your procedure is completely correct and as per Income Tax Grievance Cell your complain shall be handled within 30 days of filing the complaint. In case your complaint is not handled within 30 days please talk to your assessing officer and you can take help of RTI or Tax Ombudsman in case your complain is not redressed or you are not given satisfactory reasons for the same.

And in your second part you have asked whether after correction your tax will be shown in 26AS. My answer is Yes it will be shown in 26AS as Assessing officer will correct it in the system.

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