December 28, 2013



FROM- Aditya

I filed my ITR on 22/7/2013 online with the help of my uncle who said he knows how to file ITR, I have sent ITR-V to CPC, Bangalore, and got receipt to my mail. After that there is no further communication, actually I don't fall in to tax paying slab, my income for the last financial year was just 1,97,000 only.but due to excess tax deduction under the name of TDS for professionals @10%, TDS was directly deducted by my boss 19,700/-

So to get that money back I filed IT Returns, from then I am waiting for refund. My status from many days is "Not determined" in income tax website. After this long delay I am doubtful whether my ITR was filed properly or not, did I and my uncle filled all details like bank acct, under which category I got deducted in my pay and more indepth technical details how many employees, what sector, what company etc etc. 


1. First of all Aditya please check Form 26 AS from the Income Tax Website. This form tells whether your TDS was actually deducted and deposited on your PAN. May be there is a situation that payer of the fees wrongly deposited TDS on somebody else PAN. To know how to view Form 26AS go through following link:

2. Secondly please go through the ITR filed on the Income Tax website and see if there were any mistakes. To get the copy of ITR filed. Please Login to the website>>On the Dashboard, Click to View Return Forms>> Select  your Assessment Year>> Download ITR Form

3. If all the details are correct wait for Income Tax communication. The intimation for processing of return takes near about 3 months and refund processing can take near about 6 months in normal circumstances.

4. If details are incorrect file a rectification of return.

Hope this will help you. Feel free to contact further.

Akshay Jain

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