March 1, 2014



From- Pranava Kumar

Dear sir,
Thank you very much for giving answers to my all the previous questions.

As we had discussed that we are interested to start an organization which will keep record of all the unique things and achievements in the field of all the art forms,science, technology etc.(just like Guinness world records). this will be called awesome world records.we will record the unique achievement and give them certificate and award.

Can we start such work by registering it under shops and establishment act ? or partnership firm.? if not than which kind of registration is suitable ?

and what other registrations will be required please let us know



Thanks for posting another query, please get your answer below:

1. If the motive of the Organization is not to earn profit, I would suggest you to run it as a NGO. It can be in any form i.e. Trust, Society or Company u/s 25. Running it as a NGO would provide better view to your Organization as well as the work you will do.

If its motive is to earn profit or in future profit can be a driving force, please register as a Partnership Firm or Company,  as it will be beneficial in long run. I would suggest company, if cost is not a main factor.

2. Choose the Legal form as given above and then take following registrations (if applicable)
  • If a magzine or Journal is to be issued, take a registration under RNI. It is mandatory if a printed publication is to be issued. If only e-publishing is done then it is not required.
  • You can take a registration under Shop and Establishment Act.
Other registration requirement would depend upon what legal form you are taking and what other work organization will do.

Hope this helps you, feel free to contact for further query

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