July 28, 2014

How to File Income Tax Return When there is Difference in Salary in Form 16 and 26AS


From- Santanu Sengupta

My 26AS statement shows excess income than actually paid by my ex-employer. But their Form 16 shows correct amount of salary paid. There is however no dispute with "TDS amounts" in both of them.
So, there is a mis-match in "Total Income" in Trace, although form-16 is correct in all respects.
Now my ex-employer is not cooperating in correcting the Salary part in Trace/ 26AS.
Should I file my Return on the basis of correct form-16, ignoring mistake in 26AS statement ?
There is no time left. Kindly advise early. Thanks.


Hi Sanatanu,

Thanks for posting your query, please get your reply below:

1. There are a lots of cases these days where there is difference between salary shown in Form 16 and that shown in Form 26AS. The salary in Form 16 is either greater or lower than in Form 26AS. In these cases, the Income Tax payers, should file their return with the correct salary details as received by them and should not fill the details as provided in the Form 16 or Form 26AS.

2. In the above case please file the Salary details as provided to you by your employer as per Form 16, if that is correct.

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