July 31, 2014

Solution to Problem In Income Tax Efiling Website

Trouble Shooting Guide for Problems in Accessing


1. Internet service from ISP (internet service provider) is not available or failing intermittently.

The call centre of ISP needs to be contacted for resolving this issue.

2. The internet connection is working, other websites are opening properly.

You may try the following fixes:

Check your Windows HOSTS file - Make sure there’s no entry in the hosts file that maps the website’s URL ( to localhost or or an incorrect IP address – it is a possibility if you have imported some third-party hosts file or it’s modified by some malicious software installed in the computer.

Type cmd /k notepad c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts in the Run window to view hosts file

Clear DNS Cache and use Public DNS –
The DNS cache keeps a record of sites that you have recently visited on your computer. If that gets corrupted, you may have issues opening sites that were previously accessible without problems including

Type cmd /k ipconfig /displaydns in the Run window to see the cache entries.

If that unreachable website is listed in the cache, type cmd /k ipconfig /flushdns to clear the cache.
Change the DNS of the network connection which you are using in your local PC. You can do this by editing the properties of the internet connection. Two most recommended DNS’ are Google DNS (e.g.,, and open DNS.

Suspend the Anti-Virus and Firewall – If you are running an external software firewall or anti-virus program (like Norton, ZoneAlarm, etc), exit and restart the web browser.

Restart the internet connection.

3. Able to open the website incometaxindiaefiling.go, however not able to upload XML or use Digital Signature Certificate.

Use the instructions mentioned in Help--- Browser Settings in website to check that the browser being used is the recommended one. Verify the current configuration of the browser being used and modify if needed.

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