November 11, 2014

Is UP-VAT Online Registration Mandatory


FROM Vishnu Agrahari

Recently I was visiting the website of UP COMMERCIAL TAX DEPT...Provision for online registration for VAT was available there.
Is it advisable to apply through the same channel?
I would be greatful, for your advice wrt this."


Hi Vishnu Agrahari,
Thanks for posting your query, please get your answer from below:

1. First of all let me tell you that, Commercial Tax Department, Uttar Pradesh, has stopped accepting manual applications for registrations and only Online Applications are accepted for registration of the Firm.

So regarding our answer on your query  Yes, it is advisable as there is no alternate routes

2. You can get the complete process for applying online, through our earlier post from here:

Hope this will help you, feel free to contact us again in case of future queries. 

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