January 5, 2015

How to Know Pemanent Account Number (PAN)

There have been a lot of queries received by us from various New Tax Payers and young consultants about PAN. Though PAN has been from various years now but still there are questions in the mind of people. In this article we are going to discuss a major topic i.e. "HOW TO KNOW MY PAN".

The topic will solve following queries:
1. What is my PAN
2. How to Know my PAN
3. Has my PAN already been alloted
4. Steps to view my PAN online

First of all lets discuss what is PAN and its relevant section in Income Tax Act, 1961.
As the name suggests Permanent Account number is the permanent number issued to each class of person and this number act as the person's identity in front of the Income Tax Authorities. Each person has his own different Alpha-numeric PAN of 10 characters. Section 139(A) related to PAN states that:

"139A. (1) Every person,—
(i) if his total income or the total income of any other person in respect of which he is assessable under this Act during any previous year exceeded the maximum amount which is not chargeable to income-tax; or
(ii) carrying on any business or profession whose total sales, turnover or gross receipts are or is likely to exceed [five lakh] rupees in any previous year; or
(iii) who is required to furnish a return of income under [sub-section (4A) of section 139; or
(iv) being an employer, who is required to furnish a return of fringe benefits under section 115WD,]
and who has not been allotted a permanent account number shall, within such time, as may be prescribed, apply to the Assessing Officer for the allotment of a permanent account number."


Step 1-

Step 2-
Click on Know You PAN on the Left Hand Side of Your screen.

Step 3-
On the screen that Opens, fill up your Name and Date of Birth. In case of person other than Individual fill the name only in Surname

Step 4-
You are done, if the PAN is alloted to you next screen will show you the PAN, Name, Jurisdiction of Assessing Officer and whether PAN is active or not.


  1. Is there any option to know PAN No. in case not aware with DOB.

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