February 14, 2015

ICAI Observer Empanelment for the exams to be held on May/June 2015

As we are all aware that Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has been appointing observers in areas were the center for the Chartered Accountant Exams are. The observers are selected from the Chartered Accountant practicing or doing service in that particular area. The Chartered Accountant who desire to perform this duty for the Institute fill the form and the duty to them are allotted by the Institute for a particular date.

For CA exams to be held in the month of May/June 2015, Institute Invites application from the Chartered Accountants for empanelment.

Opening of the window for empanelment 10th March 2015

Closing of the window for empanelment 25th March 2015

Hosting of the details of allotment of assignments 20th April 2015

Below is the full notification issued by the ICAI for the same:

13-CA (Exams)/Observer Empanel /May-June–2015 12th February, 2015



It is proposed to empanel members to act as Observers for the forthcoming May/June 2015 Chartered
Accountants Examinations scheduled as under:Intermediate (IPC) and Final exams From 2nd May 2015 to 17th May 2015 Common Proficiency Test (CPT) On 14th June 2015 (Sunday)

Eligibility criteria for empanelment:

Members who fulfill the following criteria are eligible for empanelment, to act as Observers.

i) He/she should not be more than 65 years of age as on the date of empanelment;

ii) His/her name should have been borne on the Register of Members as on 1st November, 2012
and continues to be so;

iii) None of his/her relatives* or dependants* is / will be appearing in the ensuing Chartered Accountants Examinations / CPT / Post – Qualification Course Examinations in May/ June 2015 in any examination centres in India or Abroad. And, he/ she will not be appearing in any of the examinations relating to Post Qualification Courses (for members) in May/June 2015;

[* the term "relative" or “dependant” for the purpose shall include, in relation to an individual, the
wife, husband, son, daughter-in-law, daughter, son-in-law, grandson, grand daughter, brother,
brother's wife, brother's son, brother's daughter, sister, sister's husband, sister's son, sister's
daughter, wife's brother, wife's sister and husband's brother and husband's sister]

iv) He/she is not coaching students for any of the examinations / test conducted by the Council of the Institute in any institutions / organization including Regional Councils / Branches of the Institute and also private coaching.

v) He/she has not been convicted by any court of Law and no disciplinary proceedings are pending against him/her, either by the ICAI / Disciplinary Directorate or by any other organization, both in India or abroad.

vi) He/she is not associated with the Institute as an elected/co-opted member of the Council / Regional Council / Managing Committee of any Branch of the ICAI.

vii) He/she shall abide by the Guidelines for Observer and / or any other instructions. Honorarium
Honorarium of Rs.1500/- per day / per session and Rs 350/- as conveyance reimbursement for ‘A’ class cities and Rs 250/- for other cities per day (to cover cost of local travel) besides reimbursement of postal, stationery, telephone expenses, if any, will be paid.

The list of A class cities is as under:
Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi/ New Delhi, Hyderabad/ Secunderabad, Jaipur, Kanpur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nagpur, and Pune.

Duties of Observer:

A member will be allotted duties in the city of his professional address only as per Institute’s records.
The main duty of the observer is to ensure that the Question Paper Packets meant for the day of the exam, with the right code of the day are collected from the bank, (where they are kept under safe custody) opened and distributed to the candidates. Accordingly, Observer is required to be present in the assigned branch of the Bank/Examination Centre from the time when the code key is opened in the bank till the conclusion of the examination, i.e. till the answer books are pooled, reconciled, packed and handed over to the designated courier agency for dispatch to the Examination Department.
Once the duties are assigned for acting as an Observer in a particular examination centre, he/she should attend to the said assignment and send his/her report and bill in the prescribed format immediately after the completion of his / her assignment.

In case any member is unable to perform his / her assignment, the same may be communicated to the
Examination Department well in advance. If a member neither informs the Examination Department nor discharges the duties assigned, he/she would be liable for such action under the provisions of the Chartered Accountants Act 1949 and the Regulations framed thereunder, as deemed fit.

Kindly note that giving false/misleading declaration regarding conflict of interest / involvement in coaching will lead to action under disciplinary provisions in accordance with the Chartered Accountants Act, 1949 and the Rules and Regulations framed thereunder.

How to empanel:

A member who fulfills the above mentioned eligibility criteria, desirous of empanelling himself for the assignment, may do so, online at Applications by any other mode will not be entertained.

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