November 15, 2013



I have permanently shifted from Gurgaon to Mumbai. How do I get my income tax jurisdiction changed to Mumbai?

I have shifted permanently from Gurgaon to Mumbai 3 years back after selling property in Gurgaon and buying new property in Mumbai. I have also obtained a new PAN card with changed residential address of Mumbai. I want to get my income tax jurisdiction changed from Gurgaon to Mumbai. My new PAN card with changed address still shows Gurgaon as my income tax jurisdiction. please tell me the procedure for getting income tax jurisdiction changed.


If you want to change the address in your PAN card use PAN correction form to change your address and deposit the form to your nearest TIN-NSDL centre or to UTI centre. There is no need to get a new PAN, your address can be changed on same PAN.

If you have been alloted 2 PANs, immediately surrender 1 of your PAN, as it will attract penalty if the IT Department finds that you have 2 PAN.

Hope that this may help your. Feel free to ask further queries.

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  1. Nice post, PAN is very important for our financial transaction so keep it with care and it is also use as identity proof at many apply for pan card and also know your pan by name and DOB to remember pan card number.


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