March 11, 2014



From- Ranjeet Singh


I am in army , and working at the rank below officer. I have not filed my Income Tax return for the year 2011-12 and 2012-13. Now I came to know that excess TDS is deducted from my salary in these two financial year. Actually I have not intimated to my Accounts branch that I have a PPF account in which I have deposited Approx Rs 30,000 each year.

Please suggest me what should I do know to refund my tax.

Thanking you


Hi Ranjeet,

Thanks for posting your query, please get your answer below:

1. If excess TDS is deposited or you have paid extra tax, you can always claim refund of the same. Just file your Income Tax return and show actual Income earned from different heads, claim your deductions to PPF, LIC etc, calculate tax and set it off with the TDS or Taxes paid. The amount which will be left will be refunded to you.

2. You can file Income Tax return for only 2 years, so the last date to file return for the Financial year 2011-12 is 31st March, 2014, so please file it before this date.

Read this post for the details about Income Tax return, filing, forms etc.:

3. Please give correct Bank account number and Bank details in your ITR form whether filing online or manual, as the refund will be given in the same account.

Hope this helps you, please feel free to contact further for any query.


  1. Sir,
    Is He have to pay fine for last two years for not filing return in due time?

    1. Penalty is not mandatory and is at the discretion of the Assessing Officer.

      Secondly penalty would depend upon the Income level, Tax to be paid etc. and it will depend on case to case basis.

  2. Sir,
    What are the allowances under which head are taxable / exempted for army because they are getting allowances with different name? For example CILQ = Compensation in lieu of Quarter, LRA= Lunch Ration Allowance, TPTL, Deputation allowance, CEA= Children Education allowance, FAA = Field accommodation allowance, SNLQ, SCCIA , NRA etc.

    1. Hi,
      Please mail us the salary structure, we will give you the further details after seeing the type of allowances. Mail us at or use ASK QUERY option given on our blog.

  3. Sir

    How to show tax exempt u/s 10(14) in eFile return. Where is its column in eFile of Income tax.

    1. Hi,
      If you are using ITR 1 then show it in line number D20 and if you are using ITR2 show it in Schedule of Salary Point 2.


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