March 8, 2014



From- Dr. Birendra Kumar Yadav

Dear  Consultant 
I want to register a Society (NGO) for the care of older persons in Ghazipur, UP.  Give me help for the same.  How much will I have to pay for the registration . Where will I have to register ? (Thasil , or District level ). How much time it will take ? Who will draft for legal ........?


Hi Brijendra Kumar Yadav,

Thanks for posting query, please get your answer below:

1. To know the whole procedure to get a Society registered in Uttar Pradesh, please visit the following link:

2. The fees of the registrar is Rs. 2000/- and Society would be registered for 5 years (will be renewed afterwards).

3. The Office of Registrar of Firms, Societies and Chit are at divisional level. In your case the jurisdictional office is in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

4. The registration will take approx. 10-15 days to get completed, after the filing of documents are done.

5. You can yourself draft the documents or you can take the help of a consultant. The draft can be obtained from Society registrar office.

Hope this Helps you, please feel free to contact further for any queries.  



  1. Thanks Akshay
    How much I have to pay for consultant?

    Since I am in delhi ~~~

    is it possible to register my Society in Ghazibad and to work in Ghazipur ?

    Is it necessary to be present President of a Society (my self ) at the time of registration ?

    1. 1. The fees of consultant would differ from person to person.

      2 Yes you can register society from any city in UP (should have an address proof), it can function in whole of UP

      3. Not required, your consultant would take a Special Power of Attorney to represent on behalf of you.

  2. Mr. Akshay Jain , as yo are saying that you can register society from any city . but office member in allahabad have ordered me to go in varanasi . i am from Mirzapur and was having address proof. what you thing where to go ? to Mirzapur or to Varanasi ? and why they didn't do my work?....reply please

    1. Hi Manish,
      I have never said that Society can be registered from any city. The societies are registered from the office in under whose jurisdiction your city comes. In your case it is Varanasi.


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