June 26, 2014

Is VAT Registration Compulsory for Less Turnover Business



Sir is it compulsory for registration of vat for newly shop having less turn over.


Hi Vicky, Thanks for posting the query, please get your answer below:

1. Every state has some thresh-hold limit up to which registration in VAT is not compulsory. Such as in Uttar Pradesh it is Rs. 5 lakhs, 20lakhs in Delhi etc.

2. Please first check in what state you are doing your business and then check the limit unto which no registration is compulsory in that state.

Hope this will help you, feel free to contact further for any query.


  1. I am a wholesalers of stationary items in Uttar Pradesh. I got my TIN no. in the month of May - 14.
    From May-14 to Oct-14 I filled monthly return even in case of no sale no purchase as per sales tax
    rule whoever has newly tin will have to file monthly return up to 6 months. I want to know from the
    month of Nov-14 whether I go for monthly return or Quarterly for information business turn over is
    below than 3 lacs.

    1. Hi,
      Welcome to
      In Uttar Pradesh VAT, the monthly return requirement is for First year and not 6 months. So you will have to file it till March 2015.


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