July 1, 2014

How To use E-mail more than 4 times in Income Tax Website

Solution to restricted use of email ID for 4 times only on I T E-filing Website.


CA. Tejas K. Andharia
B. COM, F.C.A., D.I.S.A.(ICAI), D.I.R.M.(ICAI)
Bhavnagar, Gujarat


Recently, on , assessee is compulsorily required to get its email ID and password registered. Further, maximum permissible usage of each of them is 4 times only. We know that most of the assessees in India do not have email ID. So, nowadays consultants have started to create additional email IDs. This takes substantial time and in future we have to remember those IDs and their passwords. But the solution is found out. For example, I can use my email ID for 8192 (yes, Eight Thousand One Hundred and Ninty Two) assessees!!! But this benefit is available to Gmail users and only those domain users whose domain admin ignore .(dot) in the email ID.

If my email ID is, then gmail will consider or or as the same ID only. But at the same time, will consider all these IDs as different IDs, so you can use each of them 4 times. To cross check, if your email ID is say and it is already used for 4 times, then you may now write as and check your account, you will get the email and now see the “To” address in that mail, it will be
For your convenience to count the maximum possible number of such combinations I have attached herewith the Excel Sheet, in which you may write your email ID and you will get the answer with explanation for your case.
So, now enjoy the E-filing.

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